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Cloud/Hosting Services


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Cloud/ Hosting Services

Inter-networked computing provides revolutionary opportunities for business. NearLo has provided solutions that involve hosting, cloud services, and distributed software and applications. As cloud computing becomes embedded into our lives and our society, NearLo is passionate about problems that challenge businesses.



NearLo has partnered with clients on several Cloud/Hosting solutions:

NearLo Distributed Partner Cloud

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• Centralized System Engineering
• Monitor/Maintain Infrastructure Remotely
• NearLo Cloud Servers are centralized and distributed
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On premise dedicated Customer Infrastructure Services through LAN (High Speed Local Access to Services) with a cloud pricing model



Traditional Cloud Model 

  • Services are Located Outside of the organization
  • Management of the services typically from internal Staff within the organization 
  • Highly dependent upon Internet Service for Accessibility
  • Hybrid Systems Complex
  • Data Shared in unknown locations with other customers


NearLo Distributed Cloud Model 

  • Infrastructure Services are physically located inside the organization
  • Management is from the outside
  • Services delivered locally at wire Speed 
  • Services are independent from Internet access 
  • Data remains physically local to business, not shared with other customers
  • Shared IT Expertise, not resources


NearLo Distributed Partner Cloud

Service In; Managed Out!

NearLo partners with Microsoft in also offering the Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure). Azure allows businesses to reap the benefits of scale, speed, and agility while protecting existing hardware and software investments. This allows for quickly building and deploying applications, flexibility in managing Information Technology services, and real-time metrics. NearLo is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, partnering with our clients to implement Microsoft's cloud-based business solutions.

Classic Web Hosting

NearLo offers web site, web services, and VPS hosting from our data center, located in Boise, Idaho. The Treasure Valley of Idaho offers many advantages over other areas for hosting; such as cheaper hydro electric power prices, and relative protection from natural disasters. Our hosted web services offer high speed access for your website. NearLo can assist in deployment and maintenance.

Software as a Service

NearLo Technologies offers Software as a Service through our partnership with Microsoft. Analyzing what software will work best for a specific need is a tough task. Assessing if a solution will properly cooperate in your company's software ecosystem is an even greater challenge. NearLo brings expertise to our customers to navigate the needs, requirements, and environment to find and properly implement appropriate software solutions.

Some solutions that NearLo has implemented for our clients:

  • Microsoft Partner Cloud Technology
  • Service Provider License (SPLA) 
  • Distributed Cloud Architecture
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
  • Core Technology Expertise

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's subscription-based office productivity software. One aspect of Office 365 is heavy integration with Microsoft cloud services. NearLo has expertise in Office 365 deployments and migrations. Office 365 features email through Outlook online, and hosted services, such as Office Web apps. It also has various collaboration tools such as Skype for Business and SharePoint Online. Some versions of Office 365 also feature the current versions of Microsoft Office desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). The subscription model offered by Office 365 allows for scalability and intelligent management of software licensing, allowing your business to grow at your own pace.



NearLo's competencies together provide complete Technology Solutions