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Applied Technology

Technology can be a dynamic and powerful tool for business.  Various applications of I.T. can be infinitely configurable, which lead to an open range of technical challenges. NearLo is passionate about providing solutions to the problems facing Technology and Business.




NearLo's approach to Applied Technology consists of three different sides:

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering focuses on hardware development, implementation, optimization, and maintenence. NearLo technologies works with our clients to ascertain what type of hardware they need. In the event that there is no appropriate stock solution, NearLo assists in the design and development of hardware that will serve our clients' needs. Along with developing the platform, we partner with our clients to implement and deploy, and then to optimize and maintain their solution. NearLo Technologies partners with our clients throughout the process, allowing for dynamic solutions that are functional and appropriately beneficial. 

Network Engineering

The Network Engineering side of Applied technology focuses upon secure and stable electronic interconnection of devices. Our expertise in advanced networking ranges from small office, corporate, to enterprise and industrial networks. NearLo has expertise in Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, and Global deployments. We've architected and deployed globalized networks over VPN satellite connections to remote locations around the globe, and learned many valuable lessons in the process. Our experience and expertise give NearLo the ability to troubleshoot clients' network and service problems efficiently and effectively.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering analyzes, architects, and programs NearLo's Software solutions. Our Software engineers listen to and understand our clients and then facilitate solutions to their challenges. The wide range of experience and expertise of our Software Engineering team means dynamic and appropriate solutions for our clients. 


We have partnered on various types of Applied Technology solutions with our clients:

  • Technology Projects
  • System Integration
  • Network Design
  • Application Development
  • Platform Development
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Ad-Hoc Technical Support

NearLo's competencies together provide complete Technology Solutions